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Welcome to Things Technologies!

We are a technology company that is founded to disrupt the education & financial industry through exponential technologies (AI, VR & AR) to improve quality of education & access to financial services in Africa.

Our Services

Web Development

We use the best & latest web technlogies to build you a responsive websites. Our experience range from basic to eCommerce websites.

eLearning Platforms

Due to the proliferation of mobile devices there is a shift to online Learning. We help organisations build LMS.

App Development

We deliver basic mobile applications across all platforms allowing systems for schools and for training purposes.

SEO & Social Media

We specialise in Facebook & Twitter social media platforms to promote & grow your brand.

Graphic Design

We are a thinking & creative organisation that will blow your mind with our designs.

Business Events

We host business events to connect entrepreneurs, government officials, investors & executives.

Our Organization

As a bold African technology company we are driven by the idea of using technology to solve some of Africa's challenges.

We exist to create technologies that will improve the lives of millions. Leveraging exponential technologies can help Africa usher in a new era of abundance. As a company we are inspired by companies like Uber, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Our Focus Technologies are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet.
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